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PROSA x Elisabete Jarró


elisabete jarró

29-year-old country girl from Praia de Mira, Portugal, exudes a carefree and joyful spirit. Her journey blends creativity, innovation, and passion, with art at its core. From dancing to photography, fashion to theater, she explores it all with an open mind and a curious heart. Life for her is a canvas for constant exploration and self-expression, seeking to inspire a world that’s vibrant, dreamy, and just.

„All of us can be dreamers.“

What was the main aspect in the decision to cooperate with PROSA?


I was overjoyed when I received this proposal from PROSA. PROSA is a brand that shares the same values as me, believing that sustainability and a more conscious consumption are crucial for a better world, they prioritize quality over quantity. It’s an inclusive brand where respect is the main character and it’s very rich in diversity. Their passion for creativity has no limits. PROSA was a match made in heaven, aligned with my beliefs and with whom I have the privilege of bringing to life my very first collaboration in a very thought out capsule collection.“

What inspired the concept of “Soft Girl Summer”?


„This idea came to life based on my story. Although it’s trendy, my whole childhood was branded by this style: girly and dreamy. I would wear a lot of skirts and dresses. I really enjoyed playing in the fields, dancing, with bows in my head, laying on the ground while seeing the stars, playing with animals, embracing innocence and romanticizing every moment of my life like it was going to be the last time.“

Why  did you choose a dress as the main piece?


„A dress is the most characteristic piece in this theme, since it’s a very feminine and delicate item. It’s adjustable, light and practical, perfect for spring and summer days. The color white gives us a sense of peace and serenity, in a very versatile and timeless piece. This dress is a staple to have in any closet.“

What significance does this collaboration hold for you?


„This collection means a lot to me, it’s my first baby, my first time expressing myself through fashion in which I’ve placed a lot of love, with this amazing brand that deserves all the attention and visibility. With this I have the power to share the message that all of us can be Soft Girls, all of us can be dreamers, romanticizing every moment of our lives without fear of being judged, and to look inside ourselves and feel nothing but pride of our inner child, always making her happy.“

Classic Country with a Modern Edge

Hidden pockets with clean-line finishes offer a surprising touch of functionality. This unique detail blends timeless country charm with a modern twist, making the dress both stylish and practical.

Dreamy Minimalism

Collection is truly inspired by Elisabete Jarró’s signature style. Soft Girl collection embodies a minimalist aesthetic with a touch of whimsy. Think soft, flowing silhouettes and delicate details that evoke a sense of effortless beauty and a reminder to chase your dreams.

Certificated 100% Cotton

Wrap Dress is made from 100% Cotton certified with Certificate Sanitized® TH 27-24. This ensures superior comfort, breathability, and freshness, thanks to the antimicrobial properties that keep your clothes feeling hygienically clean for longer.

„I remember playing by myself in my grandparents garden and I just stayed there picturing my perfect world between the vineyards, picking grapes and eating peas directly from the garden. I was extremely happy with this blissful and peaceful world where darkness wouldn’t prevail.“

This unique collab collection between PROSA and Elisabete Jarró, is a limited-edition offering for Summer 2024.