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Urban Vibes, Artistic Minds.

Our Mission

At PROSA, our mission is to fuse artistic innovation with urban consciousness, redefining fashion as a canvas for self-expression. We strive to curate a unique collection of high-quality, sustainable creations that transcend trends and embody individuality. By offering a limited range of meticulously crafted products, we prioritize quality over quantity, making a conscious choice to leave no trail behind while leaving a lasting impact on style and the planet.

Our Vision

We envision a world where fashion is a reflection of artistic essence and sustainable values. PROSA aims to be a trailblazer in this transformation, inspiring a shift towards mindful consumption and creative individuality. We envision individuals embracing our distinctive pieces, each telling a story of innovation and self-expression. Our thoughtfully curated collections are designed not only to inspire, but to invite you to mix and match, enabling the creation of your own signature style. We make fashion that celebrates individuality and self-expression.

"It's all about embracing your uniqueness and wearing how you feel, unapologetically."

Silvia Ďurovcová, CEO

Our History

Slovak artist Silvia Ďurovcová translated her artistic vision onto handmade clothing and accessories, marking the inception of the brand. IAM merch was born, representing a fusion of art and fashion.

IAM took its first steps towards becoming a recognized name. Silvia’s wearable art gained traction and IAM established an online presence, offering a platform for enthusiasts to embrace art-inspired fashion. The brand’s unique canvas-to-clothes concept garnered attention.

The brand evolved, transitioning from IAM to PROSA. While retaining its commitment to artistic expression, PROSA incorporated urban influences and innovative elements. The rebranding encapsulated the journey from art-centric beginnings to a broader narrative.

Silvia Ďurovcová // CEO, Founder

Silvia Ďurovcová, a Slovakian painter, has captivated audiences through her art showcased in solo and group exhibitions across Slovakia and the Czech Republic. While abstract paintings weren’t always a part of her artistic journey, her work evolved as she drew inspiration from dreamlike themes. Using a vibrant palette, Silvia creates colorful compositions employing acrylics, oils, pastels, and sprays to bring her visions to life.

Beyond the canvas, Silvia’s creative spirit led her to found the brand PROSA. Serving as the main artist and creator, she infuses her distinctive artwork into every fashion piece. This seamless blend of art and fashion represents her commitment to innovative self-expression, and her brand’s collections are an extension of her artistic vision.

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At PROSA, we firmly believe in the potency of ethical fashion and its positive influence on our planet. Our dedication lies in utilizing materials that not only exemplify the highest quality, but also embrace environmentally-friendly characteristics.

We take pride in our commitment to sourcing materials locally, with a particular emphasis on Slovakia, the Czech Republic, as well as other countries within the European Union. This approach not only bolsters the local economy but also diminishes the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

We choose quality over quantity, embracing the principles of ethical fashion. Our focus is on creating fewer, meticulously crafted pieces that are free from pesticides and chemicals.

Own Your Style, Own Your Voice.