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Urban Vibes, Artistic Minds.

Welcome to the New Era

We believe fashion is a canvas for self-expression, a platform to showcase your unique style, and a way to connect with the world around you. That's why we collaborate with the most exciting artists, influencers, and creative minds to curate collections that are as individual as you are.

Every collection tells a story

We are redefining contemporary fashion by blending innovative design with everyday wearability. We create clothing that's both stylish and built to last – pieces that become cherished staples in your wardrobe, not fleeting trends. We embrace the ever-evolving urban landscape, reflecting its energy and spirit in our collections.

Curated Collaborations: We partner with inspiring artists and tastemakers to bring you unique, limited-edition collections that tell a story.

Responsibly Made: We use high-quality, eco-conscious materials that minimize our environmental impact.

Expressive Everyday Fashion: Our clothing empowers you to express yourself with confidence. Mix and match to create your signature style, one that reflects your individuality and celebrates your creativity.

Durable Design:  We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring your clothes stay beautiful for years to come.

Urban Influence: We draw inspiration from the dynamic energy of city life, translating it into clothing that’s both stylish and functional.

Our History

Slovak artist Silvia Ďurovcová translated her artistic vision onto handmade clothing and accessories, marking the inception of the brand. IAM merch was born, representing a fusion of art and fashion.

IAM took its first steps towards becoming a recognized name. Silvia’s wearable art gained traction and IAM established an online presence, offering a platform for enthusiasts to embrace art-inspired fashion. The brand’s unique canvas-to-clothes concept garnered attention.

The brand evolved, transitioning from IAM to PROSA. While retaining its commitment to artistic expression, PROSA incorporated urban influences and innovative elements. The rebranding encapsulated the journey from art-centric beginnings to a broader narrative.

Collaborating with artists, influencers, and creatives to bring unique stories to life through our collections.

Silvia Ďurovcová

Founder of PROSA Brand, Head Creator

Silvia Ďurovcová, a Slovakian painter, has captivated audiences through her art showcased in solo and group exhibitions across Slovakia and the Czech Republic. While abstract paintings weren’t always a part of her artistic journey, her work evolved as she drew inspiration from dreamlike themes. Using a vibrant palette, Silvia creates colorful compositions employing acrylics, oils, pastels, and sprays to bring her visions to life.

Beyond the canvas, Silvia’s creative spirit led her to found the brand PROSA. Serving as the main artist and creator, she infuses her distinctive artwork into every fashion piece. This seamless blend of art and fashion represents her commitment to innovative self-expression, and her brand’s collections are an extension of her artistic vision.

Own Your Style, Own Your Voice.