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Unveiling the “Soft Girl Summer” Collection: A Collaboration with Elisabete Jarró

Elisabete Jarró, a creative visionary from Portugal, brings a fresh wave of artistry to the fashion world. With a rich background in dance, photography, fashion, and theater, Elisabete’s journey is marked by a vibrant exploration of creativity and self-expression. This spirit shines through in her latest endeavor: a captivating collaboration with PROSA, resulting in the enchanting “Soft Girl Summer” collection.

elisabete dressed in soft girl dress

Elisabete’s collaboration with PROSA is a perfect marriage of shared values and visions. “I was overjoyed when I received this proposal from PROSA,” she says. “They believe in sustainability and conscious consumption, prioritizing quality over quantity. It’s an inclusive brand rich in diversity, where respect is the main character. Their passion for creativity knows no bounds. PROSA was a match made in heaven, aligned with my beliefs and giving me the privilege to bring my very first collaboration to life in a meticulously crafted capsule collection.”

The inspiration for “Soft Girl Summer” is deeply rooted in Elisabete’s childhood memories. She fondly recalls her early years marked by a girly and dreamy style. “This idea came to life based on my story. My whole childhood was branded by this style: girly and dreamy. I would wear a lot of skirts and dresses. I really enjoyed playing in the fields, dancing, with bows in my head, laying on the ground while seeing the stars, playing with animals, embracing innocence and romanticizing every moment of my life like it was going to be the last time.”

Functionality meets style with hidden pockets and clean-line finishes, blending timeless country charm with modern sensibility. These elements reflect Elisabete’s talent for integrating classic styles with contemporary flair, resulting in pieces that are both versatile and timeless.

“With this (Collection), I have the power to share the message that all of us can be Soft Girls, all of us can be dreamers, romanticizing every moment of our lives without fear of being judged, and to look inside ourselves and feel nothing but pride in our inner child, always making her happy.”

At first glance, a collection inspired by country life may seem like a departure for an urban-centric style. However, the “Soft Girl Summer” collection is a testament to the versatility and universal appeal of great fashion. The pieces are designed to be worn anywhere, from bustling city streets to serene summer getaways.

elisabete dressed in soft girl dress

This collection reflects a personal story close to Elisabete’s heart, yet its appeal transcends individual experiences, offering versatile, stylish options for all. The light, airy designs are perfect for summer, providing comfort without sacrificing elegance. Discover the timeless elegance and joyful spirit of this unique collaboration and let it inspire your journey of self-expression and creativity.

Images: Official PROSA editorial by Elisabete Jarró